Happy New Years!!!!

I like to wish all my followers the best in 2015. Today, my protégé Jordan (DJ-J-Man) Adler will début his online radio program. We spent many hours and days, sweat and tears working to get all the software and hardware set-up and working correctly. We will find out today how successful we were. You can join us today at jmanradio.net. He will be taking requests, go to http://jmanradio.caster.fm/ to request your songs. Should take about 30 minutes to play your request.

As some of you know, 2014 was not my best year…. My diabetes kick my ass with higher A1C results, I had to work hard getting in lower. I joined Nifty after Fifty, which is less the a mile from our home and after 6 weeks I’m getting lower glucose readings, and I fell a lot better. I’ve noticed some muscle where I didn’t have before.

Also, I discovered I had heart disease, main left arterial blockage in two place, one 100% and the other 75%. I was told an operation wouldn’t be of benefit, so I given 3 different medications to help with the tight chest and breathing issue.. In the beginning,  I was getting shortness of breath the would increase during physical activity. Called my PCP  and he sent me to a Cardiologist. After several rounds of testing, they found the blockages.  Being alive now has a special meaning to me. Apparently, my time on earth is not ending yet, I must have more too accomplish, like jmanradio.net, and family, and great friends. To think at one time I was scared to make new friendships now making new friends is an awakening. My self-esteem is rising daily,  I still need to learn how to relax more and slow my thoughts down to a manageable point.. When I lay down to sleep my mind goes into a high speed state, with thoughts I don’t usually have during waking hours. One new thought at least once ever few minutes or one thought over and over again. My wife bought me a noise sound machine for Christmas and that seems to help some. Of course, so does the Sleep Number bed we bought as our Christmas present.. Thank good my wife makes good money, LOL.

The company I’m partnered with CnC Technology Solutions, LLC is hosting jmanradio.net. Go to cctech.net to check out what we offer.  I’m also planning to push my services on BJL Computer Solutions, (bjlcomputersolutions.net) more. Haven’t repaired many computers in 2014 due to health issues and other personal problems.

All the above, accomplishments would most likely would never have occurred living in N.J., as I had two nervous breakdowns while living there.  After an exhausting search, I finally found a compatible Psychiatrist, who diagnosed me as having Post Traumatic Disorder, and found the right dose of Zoloft that has made me somewhat more relaxed. If I didn’t find him it’s anyone’s guess where I would be today.. I drank a lot before moving to Arizona, I hardly touch any alcohol today, or I may not have survived to tell my story.

Thanks, for reading my story, love you all!

Bill Lansche